Play Production

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Having learned so much in Musical Theater and Performing arts, Ken immediately noticed that he had a gift for the arts.  During a very rough time in his life, Ken decided to take all the energy needed for pain and suffering and turned it into the play affectionally known as, “Papo’s Variety Store”.

“Papo’s Variety Store”

1976…An Addict, A drugdealer, A man who sleeps with three women, a gay man who wears a dress, a bruja who does spells to change someone’s free will, and a priest who plays numbers  Just another day on Rivington St.

Ken’s Production of PVS, although starting rough became a local success with the Lower East Side.  Performing in a Theater, ironically located 5 blocks from where the story takes place, PVS brought an enormous amount of laughter and joy mixed with a few tears and nothing but memories.  PVS brings you a unique view of the mid 70’s that no one else has experienced.

All the Music, Lyrics, Books and Scripts from the play were written, acted and Directed by Ken Bravo.

Cast of Characters include:  

John Cencio Burgos, Ken Bravo, Jennifer West, Jesse Bueno, Milagros Colon, Yadhira De La Riva, Victoria Ric, Victoria Rodriguez, Jean Luc Saliva, Vincent Ford and Tianna Vargas.

Stage Management:  Millie Chu Rivera

Technical Crew: Deanna Saliva and Alyssa Bravo

Technical Director and co-producer, The legendary house music DJ and Sound Engineer John “Rock” Mateo.

Need to be me – Rupla John Cencio Burgos

Although Ken is planning to reproduce PVS in a larger platform, He is working on his 2nd musical, “Same Kind of Krazy“. Estimated Time of Arrival … January 2021. Keep an eye out for it.