Welcome to KBE!!!

This is Ken Bravo Entertainment.

A place to come for all of your entertainment needs.  Events? I got you. Photographer? I got you. Latin Musicians/Bands? I got you. Referrals? I got you.

I treat my reputation very seriously and I bank on it all the time guaranteeing the client the best.  I am a firm believer of “you get what you pay for.”

Please get in touch by email: Kenbravo11@gmail.com

For those that know me personally, of course, call or text me.

Take care all and enjoy the pictures and features of this page.

That is all.

Hey! All is good!

I hope and pray that all are good, safe and healthy.  It’s been a while so let me catch you guys up.  It has been a shortage for me because people don’t hire Photographers anymore due to Covid.  But it’s starting to look bright for me.

I will be looking into working more now that the summer is over and there will be more inside venues.  God willing the pandemic gets better.

Last night I was invited as a guest to my friend Crystal’s wedding and ended up taking a lot of Pics!  Those that know me know that I can’t attend a place without my camera.  If I get hired even better but, having the need to be a professional, I will not post the best pics.  Business first.

I want to wish Q and Crystal a long lasting life together.

More to come!!!   I have arrived!!!  LOL  😉

Its been a minute.


If you are one of my regular readers.  You know, that one person who actually enjoys what I write/do, I want to thank you.  And I’m sorry for not posting in a while.

Been working hard.  Came up with some new ideas to supplement the income I have lost due to Covid.  Looking forward to some of the gigs I got already even tho they are far off.

Family is good.  The Drama continues even tho I try to avoid it like the plague.  People talking to me like I’m 11 years old and that what I say is absolutely wrong even tho I prove I’m right.

Let’s see….What else, hmmmm…. Oh yeah, I am working on 3 different projects at the same time.  I try to communicate with certain people who I think appreciate me as much as I appreciate them but to no avail.


I think that’s it.

That is all.


Father’s Day

Well, today is another day that I can proudly call Father’s day!.  Including raising my step-son, I can say that I have been a Father for over 26 years.  It has been an awesome experience and I know it will be never-ending.  I must say it has been most difficult at times but at the end of the day, I am blessed with good kids.

I hope and pray that I am around for many many more and I wish that for those that are there for their kids.  Remember, they didn’t ask to be born into your family.  Take care of them.  Protect them. Be there guiding like and most of all, be the cool dad.  Let them get away with some things sometimes.  We all remember when we were young.

I guess those are my 2 cents for the post.

That is all.


Well today is Tuesday

It’s funny, how the days go by and it seems like nothing has changed.  This Covid thing has destroyed many lives, not only by deaths but with changing peoples lives.  I now suffer from Cabin fever and lack of jobs because who hires a photographer for an event that was cancelled?  I have had to lower my prices a bit to get smaller jobs like boudoir pics, small outside birthday parties or some smaller model shoots outside.  i have had to place my trust in friends that they are not contagious and even with that, I always wear a mask.

I now know that what I did was irresponsible but I have no choice.  I would do a job and not go out for a week to make sure I don’t have any symptoms or are contagious.  Anyway, for the better, I have taken both dosages of the vaccine, so next Monday I will be fully vaccinated.  Hopefully, people will feel more comfortable having me around knowing that I am not contagious.  I need the work.

I have been blessed to only get the arm pain associated with the vaccine.  I urge those that are thinking about it, to do it.  You will feel better and I believe it will become mandatory sooner than later.  I saw that the CDC is opening up more and more.  If you have the vaccine.  Do yourself a favor.  Take care of yourselves.

Today, that is all.

Another day in NYCHA

*sigh…It never ceases to amaze me.  I mean, you live in a place a long period of time and you would figure something changes.  But it doesn’t and I’m still surprised.   I’m still getting leaks from unplugged holes that NYCHA left when they came to replace the gas line.

I also get bullshit from the call center.  Listen!  If you don’t like your job, Quit!  We deserve more respect!  Como!!!

So back to life.  I’m working on a few different projects which makes me feel better and keeps me moving.  My ADD was driving me insane with not a lot to do.  I always have to figure out a way to get paid.  Family needs to eat ya know.

A few things are going to blow up soon as far as production and so forth.  People and fans are going to be pleasantly surprised at the outcomes.  Will be traveling soon as well. Plans are being made and I hope we can overcome the obstacles that always occur. Murphy’s law and all.

What else….Hmmmm….Still single and enjoying life.  I mean, at this point, it’s my life.  So we all must move forward.  Nothing to gossip today which is actually a good thing.

Having said all that…That is all.

Why are people so malicious

I don’t have much to take from.  But what I do have, I value immensely.  I get my weekly update from my site to see that people around the world are trying to get into my website.  Why?  It’s of no used to them except that they are just bad people.

I’m the first one to say that knowledge is power but the knowledge you can get from my website is useless unless I’m the one working it.  It is a personal talent that is needed to work it.  Other than that, you are just doing it to ruin people’s lives.

Anyway, I have been feeling some kind of way with certain people.  They have been getting on my nerves more than usual.  Maybe my meds need to be updated or something but my fuse has gotten so quick lately that I just don’t know what it is.  I am literally so frustrating that i find that I am becoming the asshole everyone thought I was back in the day.

I guess my guards are going up again and stopping me from offending others.  I am trying soooo hard that it breaking my brain.  So I have decided to be real quiet on my zoom this coming Thursday the 18th.  We’ll see how long I can do it for but I will do it.

Thank you for reading this if you have.

That is all.

Got a new LOGO!!!

If you are an avid reader of these blogs, you would have noticed that I have added my new logo.  Proud to say that it’s already registered with the Government and ready to go!

So here is the description:

I took the mask of Melpomine (Muse of Tragedy) and Thalia (Muse of Comedy) and meshed them together.  The masks themselves represent everything entertainment (Stage, Film, TV).

On the right side, behind the mask, you will find a piano keyboard, representing all the Music aspects of my business.  On the left side, behind the mask, you will find the representation of the inside of a camera lens (Aperture).

The actual full circle, represents a camera lens. The mask seems to be coming out of it.  It was designed by me and I had a friend finalize it for me.  I believe that it depicts all aspects of my business side.

I think the best part of the whole thing is that if you cover half of the face, you will be able to see both arts separately.

I hope all is well with everyone.  I know it’s been hard and with people still not wearing masks then complaining about getting Covid, I haven’t wanted to go out in a while.  I believe that we have gone thru the fire and are now coming out clean.

We just have to find a way to dust ourselves off, look back and be proud of where we are and continue to move forward.  Many major obstacles that we MUST overcome.  With That…

That is all.

So, um yeah..Doing the Dating site thing. LOL

So, yeah, like the title says, am doing the dating site thing.  I figure “What the hell, nothing else is working for me.”  I guess I am a victim of circumstances.  A friend told me that I have to get OUT of the LES to find someone compatible with me.

I have to admit, There aren’t too many pickings here in the Lowa. Either they are married, In a relationship or gay.  None of which I would be interested in.  I didn’t like it when the ex stepped out on me, why would I do it to someone else.

I have often asked myself tho, “Me atrevo?”. LOL  I have answered yes. But, very few times.  I have never done it tho.  I would be too scared at this point.  Karma is a motherfucker and I have seen her scorn!

People confuse life’s obstacles as being unlucky.  Luck has nothing to do with it.  All they have to do is find what is negative about life and remove it completely.  That includes family.  Even your spouse.

It destroyed me when the ex and I were done but I started new (Of course after I went thru the 5 stages of grief) and began to see life positively.  I can hang with the LES’rs but I have this thing where I know people judge me for my weight.

I am a big man.  But I am not defined by it.  I sometimes feel that some women should look in the mirror and judge themselves. (I know some do).  Everyone has a story.  It just sucks that, as a LES’r, I know most of them and people know most of mine.

I am good where I am.  I’m not looking for someone to take care of or someone to take care of me.  Just looking for a yin to my yang.  So, I started fresh and am going outside of my comfort zone.  Wish me luck Ya’ll!!

That is all.

I can’t wait!

I am so anxious for the day that someone sounds the “All Clear!” and we all can move around like normal people again.  I mean, “normal” will never happen but somewhat “Close to” would be a good thing.

I have so many things planned for when this whole thing is over.  What is Ken Bravo Entertainment without “Entertainment”?  Anyway, I was thinking of doing a “Body painting” session.  Maybe a fantasy/Cosplay?  Don’t know yet.

I have to do some club promotions/theatre promotions as well.  It’s going to be a great breakout for those that couldn’t do what needs to be done artistically to bring some balance to the world.

Presently accepting video resumes for my upcoming work.  As well as, headshots for future production work.  I am engaging in having a podcast or local LES artists news and stuff.  If it has to do with entertainment, I am interested in it.

My site will be big as hell.  I WILL MAKE IT WORK.  It is fore written.  Having said that, here is a big piece of advice that I actually learned on Tik Tok.  When God made man, he breathed the breath of LIFE into him.  From that moment on, to breath is to live.

When going thru stresses, depressions, disappointments and so forth.  Focus on God’s breath.  I promise he will help you recover.  I know it works for me.  If not, I would have been in a whole separate place.

That is all.