Well today is Tuesday

It’s funny, how the days go by and it seems like nothing has changed.  This Covid thing has destroyed many lives, not only by deaths but with changing peoples lives.  I now suffer from Cabin fever and lack of jobs because who hires a photographer for an event that was cancelled?  I have had to lower my prices a bit to get smaller jobs like boudoir pics, small outside birthday parties or some smaller model shoots outside.  i have had to place my trust in friends that they are not contagious and even with that, I always wear a mask.

I now know that what I did was irresponsible but I have no choice.  I would do a job and not go out for a week to make sure I don’t have any symptoms or are contagious.  Anyway, for the better, I have taken both dosages of the vaccine, so next Monday I will be fully vaccinated.  Hopefully, people will feel more comfortable having me around knowing that I am not contagious.  I need the work.

I have been blessed to only get the arm pain associated with the vaccine.  I urge those that are thinking about it, to do it.  You will feel better and I believe it will become mandatory sooner than later.  I saw that the CDC is opening up more and more.  If you have the vaccine.  Do yourself a favor.  Take care of yourselves.

Today, that is all.

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