So, um yeah..Doing the Dating site thing. LOL

So, yeah, like the title says, am doing the dating site thing.  I figure “What the hell, nothing else is working for me.”  I guess I am a victim of circumstances.  A friend told me that I have to get OUT of the LES to find someone compatible with me.

I have to admit, There aren’t too many pickings here in the Lowa. Either they are married, In a relationship or gay.  None of which I would be interested in.  I didn’t like it when the ex stepped out on me, why would I do it to someone else.

I have often asked myself tho, “Me atrevo?”. LOL  I have answered yes. But, very few times.  I have never done it tho.  I would be too scared at this point.  Karma is a motherfucker and I have seen her scorn!

People confuse life’s obstacles as being unlucky.  Luck has nothing to do with it.  All they have to do is find what is negative about life and remove it completely.  That includes family.  Even your spouse.

It destroyed me when the ex and I were done but I started new (Of course after I went thru the 5 stages of grief) and began to see life positively.  I can hang with the LES’rs but I have this thing where I know people judge me for my weight.

I am a big man.  But I am not defined by it.  I sometimes feel that some women should look in the mirror and judge themselves. (I know some do).  Everyone has a story.  It just sucks that, as a LES’r, I know most of them and people know most of mine.

I am good where I am.  I’m not looking for someone to take care of or someone to take care of me.  Just looking for a yin to my yang.  So, I started fresh and am going outside of my comfort zone.  Wish me luck Ya’ll!!

That is all.

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