I can’t wait!

I am so anxious for the day that someone sounds the “All Clear!” and we all can move around like normal people again.  I mean, “normal” will never happen but somewhat “Close to” would be a good thing.

I have so many things planned for when this whole thing is over.  What is Ken Bravo Entertainment without “Entertainment”?  Anyway, I was thinking of doing a “Body painting” session.  Maybe a fantasy/Cosplay?  Don’t know yet.

I have to do some club promotions/theatre promotions as well.  It’s going to be a great breakout for those that couldn’t do what needs to be done artistically to bring some balance to the world.

Presently accepting video resumes for my upcoming work.  As well as, headshots for future production work.  I am engaging in having a podcast or local LES artists news and stuff.  If it has to do with entertainment, I am interested in it.

My site will be big as hell.  I WILL MAKE IT WORK.  It is fore written.  Having said that, here is a big piece of advice that I actually learned on Tik Tok.  When God made man, he breathed the breath of LIFE into him.  From that moment on, to breath is to live.

When going thru stresses, depressions, disappointments and so forth.  Focus on God’s breath.  I promise he will help you recover.  I know it works for me.  If not, I would have been in a whole separate place.

That is all.

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