“It used to bother me, but not that much now”

Being Fat.

Let’s get real, I am a big boy.  I figured at one point in my life I can find someone who would like a big teddy bear to cuddle with and a little extra cushion for the pushing.  But, that’s not how it is.

This is the second time I join a dating site.  This time, the difference is that there is a major class change.  Better quality.  Since I pay for the site, (Not the ass), I wouldn’t expect anything less.  But, I am finding  out that I have the same problem.

I know people see my profile.  I mounted it as truthful as I can but, most likely, the moment they see my picture, they just swipe away.  Little do they know that I am a pleaser.  That I am very talented and would almost spoil the person I am with.

Love to make people laugh, and feel good about themselves.  I mean, I am the whole package.  Living in the projects and everything!  I actually think that living in the PJ’s is my downfall.  I want better.  And soon, I will have.

I am not changing my life for anyone.  I just know that I deserve better.  So, being fat used to bother me a lot.  Now, not so much.  If I can’t love myself first, no one else will be able to love me.

That is all.

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