“There are no Atheists in foxholes”

Every year from 11:45 Pm New Years Eve till 12:15 Am New Years day I am in the shower cleaning off all the residue and shit from the previous year.  As I shower I think back to the negatives and wish them away while “Manifesting” the positive for the new year.

I can “See” it in my mind and I know it will be a great year.  Not just for me but for everybody.  Those that hurt, starved, lost their business, lost their family, to those who even suffered slightly, I tell you, you will be back and better than ever.

There are definite times in everyone’s life when you forget about God.  When you feel like you no longer need him.  Well, I believe that all this happened to remind us all that without “HIM” we wouldn’t be here.  I am now absolutely sure that their have been more prayers in the last 10 months or so than ever in the history of people.

“There are no Atheists in foxholes”

I say this to all…Believe in him and he shall be with you always.  Know that without him, everything can fail.  With him, you have no worries from anything.

I am starting to sound like a preacher.  So, I’ll just end with.  If you are in my life, you mean something to me.  If you’re intentions are bad, they will come to be known.  If you are good to yourself, then all around will follow.

I love some of you, I like all of you.  Be safe.  Be careful. Be healthy.  Be loved.

That is all.


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