Another day in NYCHA

*sigh…It never ceases to amaze me.  I mean, you live in a place a long period of time and you would figure something changes.  But it doesn’t and I’m still surprised.   I’m still getting leaks from unplugged holes that NYCHA left when they came to replace the gas line.

I also get bullshit from the call center.  Listen!  If you don’t like your job, Quit!  We deserve more respect!  Como!!!

So back to life.  I’m working on a few different projects which makes me feel better and keeps me moving.  My ADD was driving me insane with not a lot to do.  I always have to figure out a way to get paid.  Family needs to eat ya know.

A few things are going to blow up soon as far as production and so forth.  People and fans are going to be pleasantly surprised at the outcomes.  Will be traveling soon as well. Plans are being made and I hope we can overcome the obstacles that always occur. Murphy’s law and all.

What else….Hmmmm….Still single and enjoying life.  I mean, at this point, it’s my life.  So we all must move forward.  Nothing to gossip today which is actually a good thing.

Having said all that…That is all.