Why are people so malicious

I don’t have much to take from.  But what I do have, I value immensely.  I get my weekly update from my site to see that people around the world are trying to get into my website.  Why?  It’s of no used to them except that they are just bad people.

I’m the first one to say that knowledge is power but the knowledge you can get from my website is useless unless I’m the one working it.  It is a personal talent that is needed to work it.  Other than that, you are just doing it to ruin people’s lives.

Anyway, I have been feeling some kind of way with certain people.  They have been getting on my nerves more than usual.  Maybe my meds need to be updated or something but my fuse has gotten so quick lately that I just don’t know what it is.  I am literally so frustrating that i find that I am becoming the asshole everyone thought I was back in the day.

I guess my guards are going up again and stopping me from offending others.  I am trying soooo hard that it breaking my brain.  So I have decided to be real quiet on my zoom this coming Thursday the 18th.  We’ll see how long I can do it for but I will do it.

Thank you for reading this if you have.

That is all.

Got a new LOGO!!!

If you are an avid reader of these blogs, you would have noticed that I have added my new logo.  Proud to say that it’s already registered with the Government and ready to go!

So here is the description:

I took the mask of Melpomine (Muse of Tragedy) and Thalia (Muse of Comedy) and meshed them together.  The masks themselves represent everything entertainment (Stage, Film, TV).

On the right side, behind the mask, you will find a piano keyboard, representing all the Music aspects of my business.  On the left side, behind the mask, you will find the representation of the inside of a camera lens (Aperture).

The actual full circle, represents a camera lens. The mask seems to be coming out of it.  It was designed by me and I had a friend finalize it for me.  I believe that it depicts all aspects of my business side.

I think the best part of the whole thing is that if you cover half of the face, you will be able to see both arts separately.

I hope all is well with everyone.  I know it’s been hard and with people still not wearing masks then complaining about getting Covid, I haven’t wanted to go out in a while.  I believe that we have gone thru the fire and are now coming out clean.

We just have to find a way to dust ourselves off, look back and be proud of where we are and continue to move forward.  Many major obstacles that we MUST overcome.  With That…

That is all.