Freedom of Speech

I love talking about this.  The ability to say whatever you want, wether it offends or not.  Of course, with the exception of creating harm or violence.  In other words, “You can’t enter a packed movie theater and yell “FIRE!”.

I once had a conversation with a friend about how “Sagging Pants” look stupid.  I asked him “Do you condone the way the pants are worn?”  His response was educational to say the least, “I really don’t like that style but I will fight for the right to wear them like that.”

I got that.  Everyone has individual tastes and thoughts.  To be a true American, is to have the ability to respect each others opinions.  Again, without creating situations that can cause harm to another.  To anyone.

The Presidential transition has brought so much relief to so many.  I have heard, “Oh my God!  How I cried in happiness!”  Others praise the leaving position holder as saying that he was the best President the world has ever had.

Again, I respect all opinions.  However, if you want to talk about it, please be available to listen and appreciate both sides.  I will not get into an argument with anyone that yells at me.

To my friends, I just wanted to say this.  If you are Black, would you support a President that wants to bring Slavery back?

If you are Puerto Rican, how do you support a man that throws us Paper Towels (Not even BOUNTY brand) and calls Puerto Ricans Non-Human?

These are the questions I ponder.  Thank You.

That is all.