Last Day of 2020

FINALLY!!!!   This most horrible year in my lifetime is over!!!!  I have lost friends and family members.  I have lost income and I thank God that I am not struggling too much to get on going.  Still single and “Lonely”, I still move forward and hope that 2021 will bring me all that I need.  My expectations are high now because they have reached the lowest depths and there is no other way but up.

To those that read this, understand that there is nothing else in the world but life.  That you control your destiny and only positive energies will be your guiding force.  God has your full support.  He will take you where you need to go, you just have to love.  Anyway, my new word for 2021 is “Manifest”.  It will guide me through 2021 and we will all be better people for having gone thru so much in 2020.

May all be blessed with love, joy and happiness for 2021.  May those that lost love ones be in peace knowing that those that passed are in God’s hands and love.

Thank You Lord Father for every breath that I take.

That is all.